Fleet Sales

Welcome to the Star Ford Lincoln Fleet Sales Center!

Star Ford Lincoln will provide for all your Fleet needs with the best customer service available! Whether you are a small business looking for one or two vehicles, or a corporation looking for a whole cavalcade we have the services you need.

We offer a variety of purchasing options including commercial leases, and traditional financing. We will work with you to create a plan that is perfect for your business.

For more information call our Fleet Department at
(888) 454-1672
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Fleet Sales Manager

Tim Wilkins

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Direct Line: (818) 502-4631

Email: tim@starfordlincoln.com

Fleet Sales

Damaris Gonzalez

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Direct Line: (818) 502-4640

Email: dgonzalez@starfordlincoln.com

We work to provide just the specifications that you need. Here are just a few of the options we offer:
Service Truck Image

Service Truck

Contractor Truck Image

Contractor Truck

Truck Box Image

Truck Box

In-Vehicle Storage System Image

DECKED In-Vehicle Storage System

Talk to your Fleet Sales Representative about your companies' needs and how our options can perfectly outfit your vehicles.

Marathon’s main business is the manufacture, assembly, installation and repair of truck bodies, trailers and transportation equipment. Besides manufacturing all types of truck bodies we also provide all of the following products and installation to National Fleets, Truck Dealers and Leasing Companies. We also offer a wide spectrum of truck parts and accessories encompassing most major brand names as well as our own proprietary products. Whatever the transportation challenge or special opportunity facing you or your customer, Marathon’s qualified staff can help with direct or phone sales consulting and support.

In 1979 the Scelzi brothers (Mike, Jim and Gary) started Scelzi Enterprises with a small loan from their father, Monroe. Each was instilled with the belief in a Total Commitment to Quality in everything they did. That drive and Commitment has resulted in a legacy of building the highest quality truck bodies in the USA. Today Scelzi Enterprises occupies 20 acres in South Fresno with additional pool and assembly locations in Oregon, Washington, and Southern California. Read more Company History... Scelzi Enterprises: American Ingenuity and Quality that has not been surpassed since 1979. It's not just a Scelzi truck body...it's an Investment in Quality!

Adrian Steel is committed to providing quality products highlighted by constant innovation. Our strong reputation in the industry is matched only by our resolve to offer the best lead times and highest quality product. Our products are durable and reliable. Warranty claims are less than 1% of sales. Our warranty covers our products for three years or 36,000 miles.

In the only quality survey ever in the truck and van body industry history, Harbor ranked number one (#1) in manufacturing quality and quality processes.* That’s why Harbor consistently ranks among the top volume commercial “pool” manufacturers for Ford, GM and Ram…and was ranked #1 in several years. Or why Harbor was chosen over all other US manufacturers to export US-made commercial truck bodies to the Toyota Motor Company for use by its Forklift Dealers in Japan.

Royal Truck & Equipment was founded in 1986 by Robert Roy with the unique goal of providing America’s truck users with an alternative that was not being served in the market – used trucks. Royal set its sights on providing very high quality used trucks at an affordable price, and making sure all of our customers are happy…always. Prior to Royal, this market did not exist. Since that time, Royal has been often imitated, but never duplicated!

Founded in 1997, MobilityWorks is a national chain of wheelchair accessible van providers – serving the disabled community with wheelchair accessible minivans, full-size vans with lifts and commercial fleet vehicles. Thousands of individuals and business clients each year are impacted by the products and services we provide.